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Raising the Bar for Infant Well-being: An Overview of Mississippi’s Perinatal High-Risk Management/Infant Services System Program 

Policy Brief – August 2019

Policy Briefs & Reports

Developmental Screening in Mississippi Child Care Centers                                                                                                 Policy Brief – November 2018

Policy Briefs & Reports

Enhancing Child Well-Being in Mississippi                                                                                                                           Policy Brief – February 2018

Mississippi’s Children: Five-Year Trend, 2011-2016                                                                                                     Report – January 2018

Quality Makes a Difference:
An Overview of Licensure Violations in Mississippi’s Child Care Centers in 2016
                                                    Policy Brief – January 2018

Child Health                                                                                                                                                                                       Policy Brief – October 2017

Birth Outcomes                                                                                                                                                                                Policy Brief – December 2016


Rate of Active Pediatricians &
Center-Based Licensed Child
Care Centers
County Health Rankings
Outcomes & Factors
Rate of Active Dentists
Child Food Insecurity &
Licensed Child Care Centers
2016 MS Licensed Child
Care Centers
Rate of Active Pediatricians
Rate of Active Dentists in US National & MS Child & Teen
Mortality Rate 2005-2014
National & MS Child
Mortality Rate 2005-2014
Center-Based Licensed
Child Care Centers,2016


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