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Thriving Children – Health

Chronic Absenteeism & Graduation Rates

Teenage Birthrate by Race

Low Birth-Weight Babies

Access to Child Healthcare

Tobacco & E-Cigarette Prevalence

Child Health: By the Numbers

Thriving Children – Education

Teacher & Student Characteristics

Chronic Absenteeism & Graduation RatesĀ 

School Suspension, Dropout Rates & Accountability: by the Numbers

Mississippi School Suspension Rates

Chronic Absenteeism

Graduation Trends

Education: By the Numbers

School Accountability Scores

Working Families & Equitable Communities

Financial Ranking & Income Inequality by State

U.S. Unemployment Rate by Gender & Race

Child Poverty: By the Numbers

The U.S. and Mississippi Infant & Mortality Rates (1999-2016)

Child Food Insecurity & Median Income


Economic Well-Being: By the Numbers

Families & Equitable Communities: By the Numbers